Keep up to date with detours and service updates by receiving text alerts on your mobile phone.

We use Twitter to send out free detour and service upates to mobile devices. This means you will need to join Twitter. You should also note:

  • Text alerts are free, but sign-up costs you four texts at your standard rate.
  • The text alerts do not currently work on mobile phones using the 2degrees network.
  • If you receive an update that you think is useful to others, forward it to your networks; re-tweet the message if you're on Twitter.

You will only recieve update for detours and service changes. We do not send out text alerts for arrival times of buses.

To sign up to Twitter from your mobile phone:

Wait for a reply after each text sent. If you already receive tweets to your mobile phone, go straight to step 5.

  1. Text the word "start" to 8987.
  2. Reply with the word "signup".
  3. Think of a unique username. (You won't need to remember it again, so you could use your name followed by some random characters, eg "Kelly495hgim".)
  4. Reply with your chosen username.
  5. Send / Reply "follow metrochch" to 8987.

If you have already joined Twitter and wish to receive updates to your mobile phone:

  1. Text "Start " to 8987.
  2. Twitter will ask you to text your existing username and it will ask you for your password.
  3. Once you have confirmed your login details, text "follow metrochch" to 8987.